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The 2 Summer Essentials That You Can't Live Without!

Summer starts officially in about a 3 days time and we'd like to know where the sunshine is!? The sun may not shine every day but we have some Summer essentials that will help brighten those rainy days and make you look fabulous all at the same time!

We'd like to share with you our Summer essentials that will be with you at every wedding, garden party or BBQ over the next few months!

1. Nude Cashmere Wrap - What more could you ask for? The absolute perfect wedding accessory which you'll use time and time again! It luxury at its finest made from the softest 100% pure Cashmere and its subtle tone looks effortlessly chic and still keeps you warm!

2. Grey Cashmere Poncho - The perfect accessory to keep you warm at those late evening Summer BBQs! We never go out without one neatly folded in our handbag for when the sunshine goes down! They're great for dressing up the simplest outfits and never fails to impress!

All our Pure Cashmere products are made from the finest 100% pure Cashmere and have been designed to create the most stunning products we've sold!

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